Don’t wait till the engine dies

Lately, I’ve been wondering why we treat counseling differently to car maintenance. You would not wait for your car’s engine to overheat on the side of the road before responding to the check engine light or changing the oil – so why do we wait until our relationship is in crisis before seeking counseling?

I know, you’re thinking – for some people, admitting a need for counseling makes them feel weak. Or they worry other people might think they are weak. But let’s face it, marriage and family are complicated things. They may even be just as complicated and delicate as a car engine!! Does anyone feel “weak” because they have had to go to a trust mechanic for a scheduled maintenance? No! Of course not. Maybe a little irritated about having to take time off work or whatever, but not WEAK.

I’d like people to feel the same comfort with seeking couples or family counseling just to have a “tune up” for their household. That’s why I am transitioning this site to a Bring Back the Joy theme. For lots of families and couples I’ve worked with, the joy is gone. There’s too much isolation. Or maybe there’s too much yelling. I believe we can bring back the joy. Together. Schedule your “maintenance” today – you can find me at

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